How to put your PGx certification training into ACTION


Join the PGx201 Community and discover how effectively you can implement PGx in your practice.


Join the PGx201 Community: Beyond the Certificate Training

Have you completed the PGx certificate training but are unsure about your next steps?

You've probably found yourself wondering how to implement PGx into your practice...


How will I find practices / providers / patients?

I found a provider! YAY!
Now What?

Which lab(s) should I use?

How will I get paid?

You can't find a provider to collaborate with.

If you DO find a provider, you are unsure of the next steps.

Can you find a PGx Lab?

Collaborative practice agreements?

Cash pay or insurance based?

Imagine If...

  • You have a network of providers who need help interpreting PGx lab results?
  • You know a provider with patients who are excellent candidates for PGx testing?
  • You are THE "go-to PGx expert" in your area for PGx consultants?
  • You have a community of other PGx-trained professionals with whom you can consult when barriers crop up?
  • You could finally spend more one-on-one time with patients personalizing their medications?
  • You didn't have to work that corporate job dealing with rude patients, providers who ignore your "idiodic" (sic life-saving) questions, quantity over quality or unachievable metrics?


What if you...

  • Invested in yourself...
  • Joined this community...
  • Enhanced your skill set...
  • AND achieved more professional satisfaction?

What are the next steps to put your training into PRACTICE?

We've been there, done that, and have trained hundreds of professionals in this space.

Join our PGx201 Community: Beyond the Certificate Training

Join Now!

What if you had the keys to professional freedom?


Unlike PGx programs that teach you the science and leave you to figure out the next steps (or dangling in the wind; on a deserted island with no resources), what if you had a community to help you create your dream practice?

We have trained hundreds of professionals (pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners) through our comprehensive and updated PGx101 training. 


Also, we have been using PGx to personalize patient care for over 5 years - 1000s of consults.


We spend quality time with our patients.


We are members of the healthcare team that optimizes the personalization of medication regimens.


Patient outcomes improve. 


Quality of life improves for our patients and providers.


Let us help you build a rewarding career!


PGx201 Community: Beyond the Certificate Training

Discover the Keys to Implementation

Dylan K.

"After researching many pharmacogenomic programs I decided to go with the Test2Learn platform that Sue’s company organizes. It provides great value and practical experience.

After going through Sue’s program, I feel confident in my ability to interpret pharmacogenomic data and implement that in a practice setting.

Perhaps more importantly, I know where to find the appropriate resources and how to extrapolate data from them into a clinical setting. I can’t recommend Sue’s program enough!"

Cathy Y.

"The online portion is extremely valuable to learn the basics and get everyone on the same page.

At first I thought you could do this all online and cut your expenses (and you could) but I really LOVED the live portion, meeting you and Dan and the other awesome pharmacists who are wanting to be leaders in pharmacogenomics!

There is security in knowing you’re not alone and networking with people who want to change the face of pharmacy."

What if you had the support you needed to change the way you care for your patients?

Are you willing to invest in 'next steps' to start / advance your PGx practice?


Yes!  Invest in our post-certificate program resources to invest in your future. 

Learn about ways to better care for your patients and enhance your professional well-being. 

Your membership investment to our PGx201 Community:  Beyond the Certificate Training provides you with the following products and services:  

  • Access to experts to assist with your program / service development
  • Webinars with labs to learn more about their available panels and offerings, along with additional focused training
  • Access to a periodic newsletter to be your go-to resource to deliver current information, ideas for implementation, and a forum for sharing ideas and questions is important for success 'What's Haplotypen?' will be that resource
  • Networking opportunities with other stakeholders
  • Unlimited email access to us
  • Collaborative Practice Agreement
  • Up to Two 1:1 calls a month

... and more

Join the PGx201 Community: Beyond the Certificate Community

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  • Monthly webinars with industry leaders
  • "What's Haplotypen?" Newsletter
  • CE programs
  • Tons of supportive resources found on our website



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Your Annual Membership investment includes access to: 

  • Monthly webinars with industry leaders
  • "What's Haplotypen?" Newsletter
  • CE programs
  • Tons of supportive resources found on our website


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We’ve heard from your colleagues who have been excited to become certified in PGx and have not taken the next steps.

Do you want to connect with other PGx certified professionals? 

Do you want updates on the latest happenings in the PGx space?

Join our team of like-minded professionals who are using PGx in their practice.

Find ways to remove obstacles that are blocking your path to implementation.

Hear from experts in the PGx space.

Learn which PGx labs to use and why.

Stay connected to explore: ‘What we are seeing in the industry’, ‘What we are reading in the literature’, ‘What we are hearing from you’, and we will be discussing ‘How we can help you’.

Join the PGx201 Community: Beyond the Certificate Training