Improving Lives Through Personalized Medicine

Vision: Improve the quality of life of people in the communities we serve through incorporation of personalized medicine.

Mission: Educate healthcare providers on important concepts of PGx and collaborate with forward thinking HCPs who want to establish a PGx testing

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Why PGx101?

PGx101 is more than just  a company that delivers continuing education. The Founders created the company with the vision of bringing together healthcare providers who share a similar goal of incorporating pharmacogenomic knowledge to improve patient outcomes through personalized medicine.  When you commit to attending a PGx101 educational program, you become part of the PGx101 family – a group dedicated to advancing this area of medicine. From creating the PGx101 Community to providing networking opportunities to updates from the literature and reviewing new evidence, the PGx101 Team is determined to support and encourage your interest in advancing practice and patient care.  Investing in yourself by participating in a PGx101 educational program and/or becoming a Founding Member in the PGx101 Community will be professionally rewarding.  Explore our website for more information.


Online Oct 31 & Nov 1, 2020

Test2LearnTM   has been approved for  online training due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The first two online trainings were so well received that we are offering online training again Oct 31 & Nov 1, 2020 from 9:00am-1:00pm ET
BOTH days.
You must be present for the entire training in order to obtain the 20 hours of ACPE approved continuing education.
Twelve hours online self-study MUST be completed prior to the live online training
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"After researching many pharmacogenomic programs I decided to go with the Test2Learn platform that Sue’s company organizes. It provides great value and practical experience. After going through Sue’s program, I feel confident in my ability to interpret pharmacogenomic data and implement that in a practice setting. Perhaps more importantly, I know where to find the appropriate resources and how to extrapolate data from them into a clinical setting. I can’t recommend Sue’s program enough!"

Dylan K

"The online portion is extremely valuable to learn the basics and get everyone on the same page. At first I thought you could do this all online and cut your expenses (and you could) but I really LOVED the live portion, meeting you and Dan and the other awesome pharmacists who are wanting to be leaders in pharmacogenomics! There is security in knowing you’re not alone and networking with people who want to change the face of pharmacy."

Cathy Y

 Get your free copy of the Chart of CPIC Actionable Guidelines for Common Medications